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Call of Nature

Call of Nature Cat Litter - 7ltr

Call of Nature Cat Litter - 7ltr

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Eco-friendly cat litter made from 100% repurposed paper that is both gentle on the planet and gentle on the paws.

Enjoy odour control, low dust, and peace of mind knowing you're using an environmentally responsible product. When it comes to disposing, you can simply add it to your compost pile, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Purrfect for kitties looking to leave a pawsitive paw print on the planet.

  • Made from 100% Recycled Paper
  • Excellent Odour Control
  • Soft on Paws
  • Low Dust
  • Home Compostable
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Customer Reviews

  • Finally No Tracking


    "I was using wood pellet cat litter, but was fed up of having to tidy up the trail of wood dust. It's nice to just come home, empty the mess from the tray and get on with my evening and not feel married to the hoover!" - Jo

  • Very Pleased!


    "The pellets didn't fall to pieces like some others and it was easy to remove the dirty stuff from the tray, so didn't need to keep changing the whole thing! Happy days!" - Happycat

  • It's Good Cat Litter


    "My cat Fifi has used wood-based litter for the last 4 years, but I decided to give this a go. At first I thought she wasn't using it, as there is no odour and the urine sinks down making it less obvious. Less waste and more cost effective. I will definitely be buying again in the future." - Sonja

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