Customer Reviews

  • Highly Recommend


    "I've always used wood-based litter and although they worked fine, there's a lot of dust. With this, I no longer have that pain as the pellets stay intact and the pee just goes straight to the bottom of the tray and is soaked up there. The fact it is an eco-friendly litter also gets the extra paws up from us." - Sammie

  • Planet Friendly


    "What a find, 100% recyclable cat litter that you can compost, doesn’t smell when the cats pee, doesn’t break down and track through house, would recommend" - Liz

  • After 2 weeks


    "My cat Fifi has used wood-based litter for the last 4 years, but I decided to give this a go. At first I thought she wasn't using it, as there is no odour and the urine sinks down making it less obvious. Less waste and more cost effective. I will definitely be buying again in the future." - Sonja

  • Fussy Cat


    "I loved the product but unfortunately my cat did not! Nothing wrong with the product it’s just that my cat preferred the horrible clay stuff. The cat litter was great, compact and no odours, easy to clean and dispose of. Thankyou" - Tracy

  • Very Pleased


    "Tried this and was very pleased! The pellets didn't fall to pieces like some others and it was easy to remove the dirty stuff from the tray, so didn't need to keep changing the whole thing! Happy days!" - Happycat!

  • Great Product


    "Was attracted by the 100% recycled paper and price, and was pleased with the efficiency of the product, especially compared to previous products used." - Lynne

  • Finally No Tracking


    "I was using wood pellet cat litter, but was fed up of having to tidy up the trail of wood dust. It's nice to just come home, empty the mess from the tray and get on with my evening and not feel married to the hoover!" - Jo

  • It's Good Cat Litter


    "It’s cat litter - there’s not much I can say about it. I’m sure my cat would have more to say, but sadly the language barrier prohibits it. He uses it willingly and seems perfectly happy to empty himself on it." - Nicholas

  • Great Cat Litter!


    "I’m always looking for more ways to be eco-friendly so was delighted when I came across this cat litter. It’s really lightweight, doesn’t stink, and my cats are really happy to use it. It’s great that you can just dispose of it in your home compost too so no more smelly wheelie bins!" - Sara

  • Feels Good


    "It feels good to be using an eco-friendly product and this is such an easy, everyday way to make a difference to the planet. All in all, five stars!" - John